br"I'm equitable going to continue to activity as hard and fast as I can -- that's what I do, and the only thing I know how to do," the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year . "I feel that I owe it to my teammates, my coaches, and the fans.brbr"Our coaches don't absence us to lose any brim -- being fiery and going after a quarterback, running back,or recipient They absence us to raid the ball and be smart merely they're never going to tell us to back off and never strike anybody alternatively anything prefer that. Just be beauteous don't take inexpensive shots, and make sure you're playing the ball. As long as you're playing the ball and never trying to levy your aspiration alternatively trying to hurt someone, you ought be fine."brbrWell,maybe never within Tom Thayer's book,merely Suh's the one writing that book these days.brbrOther modish stories aboard Yahoo! Sports:br? br? br?br

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